About Us

We are a premium brand, established to bring to you our carefully crafted range of artisanal dishes. The brand has been born out of the urge to experience, and re-experience unparalleled tastes of remarkable quality. While the dream has always been to build our brand and its forthcoming legacy by catering from an eatery, the global pandemic has forced the world to re-evaluate the future in innumerable ways. 

Despite the monumental hurdle, we set out to bring our vision to life. By designing a product with clear and precise instructions that leaves no margin for error, our aim has been to introduce recipes that cater to a wide strata of consumers - including those who may have little to zero experience whipping up a lavish world-class meal.

The Founder of Delicut is an expert in the Food & Beverage industry, running hotels, bars, and restaurants for over 10 years. He is also an avid traveler, with an ardent interest in learning about new and contemporary developments in the F&B industry. His extensive experience and expertise drove him to put the idea of recreating packaged meals that emulate fine-dining into action. 

Top-tier restaurants are expected and required to maintain consistency with their foods regardless of a 'change in chef'. This is achieved by prepping food in large quantities to preserve in batches. When an order is placed, the staff are quickly able to thaw the dish and add finesse by their chosen method of further cooking - grill, sear, fry, etc. In addition to securing consistency in taste and style, it allows for the order to be served on time. 

Cooking in larger quantities is possible with the eminent French technique, ’Sous Vide’ - a method of cooking food in vacuum-sealed bags at a fixed time under controlled temperatures. These vacuum-sealed foods are instantly frozen at subzero temperatures in a blast freezer, allowing them to stay frozen for over 6 months without losing their texture, moisture and nutrients. Some of the many advantages of sous vide are: 

  • The food remains moist, succulent and tender
  • Consistent results every time
  • Perfect infusion of flavours into the meat
  • Avoids use of unnecessary fats or oils 

The leading advantage of this process is the lack of preservatives and artificial flavours. 

All of the above reasons have culminated into creating the sublime selection of meals crafted for you here, at Delicut. Our products go through several elaborate overnight processes of treating the protein with brines and marinades, followed by cooking with the ‘sous vide’ technique to absolute perfection. The highlight of our products is that they only require a maximum of 12 minutes (includes thawing time) to perfect and achieve a premium restaurant-like experience at home. 

Our goal is to create a new market in the FMCG frozen food sector, elevating the standards and bridging the gap when it comes to delivering high quality frozen food. 

To experience incomparable tastes like before, try our full range of delectable products.